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A Message from our President & CEO
Stay Curious
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Innovation is key to creating an agile and responsive workforce system. By leveraging new technologies and approaches to learning and development, our workforce system can prepare individuals for the future of work; producing a workforce that is capable, courageous, and curious in its approach to economic progress and growth.

Philadelphia Works is committed to inspiring a culture of innovation by encouraging new solutions to persistent problems and fostering an environment of continuous learning.

As an organization, PhilaWorks models innovation through strategic and data-driven investments. Investments like the PHL Career Portal, our learning management system that offers individuals the freedom to explore learning on their own time and at their own pace. It also looks like Your Next Step, a way-finding tool, to help Philadelphia residents navigate the many resources available to them as they work towards their career success.

True innovation empowers people to appreciate and utilize what is and then stretch their imaginations to what could be. Stay curious Philadelphia!

Yours in service,

H. Patrick Clancy

Monthly Workforce Focus
Innovation: Pay for Success
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For over two years, Philadelphia Works and Comcast have partnered together to train, hire, and retain new employees through the Pay for Success program. The program enables Philadelphia residents to receive training for in-demand sales roles at Comcast that pay above the local median wage. Success is measured by two metrics: six-month retention and full-time employment at Comcast. If both metrics are achieved, Comcast will pay PhilaWorks for successful outcomes.

The mission of the pilot program is to impact the community with robust employment opportunities and inspire other workforce areas, employers, and philanthropic stakeholders to see the value and return on investment in engaging in workforce development in innovative ways. While pivots were made due to changes in delays caused by Covid-19, Philadelphia Works and Comcast are committed to the Pay for Success model. Below are some more recent updates about the program:

  • Comcast has expanded the program to include hiring in two departments: Inbound Sales (IBS) and the Comcast Business Call Center.
  • PA CareerLink® holds info sessions on an ongoing basis to engage career seekers and promote employment opportunities at Comcast.
  • Approximately 70 candidates have attended the info sessions thus far.
  • The initial training cohort launched in June with four candidates; the second cohort will kick off in August, followed by one in October.

Listen to learn more about Pay for Success here

Data & Trends
Current Labor Market Conditions: Monthly Updates for Philadelphia
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The Current Labor Market Conditions dashboard provides the most up-to-date, high-level look at Philadelphia’s labor market. State, federal, and private data sources help us understand how our local economy and workforce are performing over time.

The dashboard highlights overall employment estimates, labor market demand, job postings by industry, etc.

View the Dashboard Here

For Businesses
No Cost Business Resources/Services to Help Your Business Grow!
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As the City’s Workforce Development Board, Philadelphia Works understands how vital it is for businesses to have access to the resources they need to hire, grow, and retain talent. Maintaining a diverse pipeline of skilled workers for businesses to recruit from is a significant part of a strong workforce system; and vital for businesses to stay competitive in their respective industries.

See how the Business Engagement Team can help

For Career Seekers
Your Next Step: Quick Resource Guide Summer 2022
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Philadelphia Works is a proud partner with LevelUp Philadelphia to support local workers. The non-profit provides career exploration tools, career coaching, training and education programs, and local employer connections.

To get you started, we’ve identified career training and gateway jobs available in Philadelphia – jobs that don’t need a 4-year degree, pay a good wage and unlock pathways to even better careers.

Find Your Next Career

ICYMI: News & Events
We are excited to announce that Philadelphia Works was awarded a Good Jobs Challenge grant!
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On August 3, 2022, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) announced grant awards to 32 industry-led workforce training partnerships in 31 states and Puerto Rico as part of the $500 million Good Jobs Challenge funded by President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

The Southeast Pennsylvania region will see an investment of $22,776,361 to build pipelines to good jobs in the industries of healthcare and life sciences, energy, and building and construction. We, along with three backbone organizations; West Philadelphia Skills Initiative, Philadelphia Energy Authority, and the Philadelphia Area Labor Management Committee, are excited to partner with regional employers, training providers, and community-based organizations to bring this project to fruition.

Learn more about the Good Jobs Challenge here

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